Am I the curse – (Roberta Pan)

I only appear when there
is flash

I’m the contrast of
the course in the church,

I’m the curse
and the ingrained wickedness.

I sit, I look
Am I the only black guy in that college?

“Why are you wasting your time
sitting in this room at this age? You could
be earning real money instead,
or do you think I
am going to pay this celeb life
forever?”, my mother

“Reading this Foucault and others
who have never lived
a reality like ours.”

I’m judged by the slipper I wear
by wealthy women wearing shoes
that costs more than the clothes I wear
during the whole month of March.

they jog with their four-legged children
and they look at me, moving their eyes,
without turning their faces,

or lowering their

and they don’t even
turn away from me,

but if I touch them,
they almost scream:

“it’s a robbery!”


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